How to Make Mobile Payments to Online Casinos

Mobile gaming has exploded recently and we are all for it! Games are becoming more sophisticated, drawing more players with every new innovation. However, if you want to pay for real money then you’ll have to deposit at some point. For many, this has been a stumbling block. Previously mobile payments weren’t deemed particularly safe or convenient. Now, there are so many ways to make mobile payments whilst ensuring that your details are never compromised.


How Can I Make Mobile Payments?

First off, you’ll have to join a site which is mobile optimised. This way, you’re guaranteed a selection of games that you can play on the go and the option of mobile friendly payment methods. Whilst some players opt to deposit usual typical credit card methods, others are reluctant to do so on a mobile platform. This is where services such as e-wallets, payment vouchers and phone bill payments come in very handy.

E-wallets are secure online accounts where you can hold your bank details. Then, instead of sharing your bank details directly with the online casino, the e-wallet will pay them on your behalf with the transaction being protected by encryption software. Top rated e-wallets include PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

Payment vouchers are another preferred method, with Paysafecard vouchers being the main choice. You purchase vouchers from a registered retailer in cash. Then you enter the voucher code into the payment section of the online casino. It will then top up your account with the paid for amount.

How can I Pay by Phone Bill?

Making mobile payments using your phone bill is a relatively new innovation. Some casinos may include the option in the payment methods. Or, look for the acceptance of Boku. Boku is a service which allows you to set up billing using your phone number. Once you’ve gone through the verification checks, you’ll be asked to set up a code.  Then, whenever you attempt to make a purchase using Boku you’ll be asked for this code.

The total of the purchase will then be added to your phone bill. You’ll be able to pay it off at the end of the month at the same time as paying your bill. Therefore, this method essentially offers a line of credit. However, it should be noted that this credit is limited. You’ll never be able to make particularly large mobile payments using your phone bill. It depends on the casino that you choose as to the exact limit set. It can often be around £30. However, it is a great often if you are short of cash and want to make a quick deposit.

As you can see from the examples above, there are now several different ways that you can make mobile payments. It is extremely convenient to do so and the risks to security have significantly lessened. As an additional security protection, aim to change your passwords frequently to any e-wallet account and keep your security info hidden.

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