Real Vs Barca: The Essential Stats

The fixture dates for the 2016/2017 La Liga season have now been announced, which means that we now know exactly when the famous El Clasico derby will take place. Right about now, we guess that you’ve started looking for a place to watch el clasico online live stream free. We know we have. The game is essential viewing in the football calendar. As many of us like to place a bet on the game (admit it), we’ve compiled a few of the essential statistics ahead of December’s game. We’ll be honest, there’s not much in it. However, we hope they might give you a better insight on who to back this year.

Previous Form

Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are decorated clubs. They are considered to be top tier, the best in the world. The question is, who takes the top spot? Well, if we look at the history of La Liga then this would be Real Madrid. The side has taken home 32 La Liga titles, whilst Barcelona has clinched 22. However, Barcelona leads the way in the Copa Del Rey. They are the current title holders and have been for the past 2 years. Overall Barca has 26 titles to their name, whilst Real has won 19. The real decider has often been cited as the Champion’s League. It’s a global platform, where both sides face fierce competition from top sides in the Premier League, Serie A and the Bundesliga. Real Madrid has held the title 11 times to Barca’s 5. Real are the current title holders and have won the competition more time than any other team in history. As you can see, it’s tough to decide between the sides. Our advice? Find a place to watch el clasico online live stream free and take a look at their current line-up.

Current Squad

At the moment, the season hasn’t long started and the Champion’s League has played just 1 round. So, it’s hard to truly assess the team’s current state in any real way. Nevertheless, if you watch el clasico online live stream you won’t be disappointed.

There were transfers brought in on both sides during the summer, with Barcelona spending a fair bit during the transfer period. The side purchased 2 players from Valencia at a combined total of over £50m. Real Madrid’s most significant signing this summer was their purchase of Alvaro Morata from Juventus for £25.5m.

Many are concerned about the health of Barcelona’s top goalscorer Lionel Messi. After being out for a while during the preseason, the Argentinian is now reported to face another few weeks out on injury as the result of a persistent groin strain. As he is the side’s all-time top goal scorer, his absence could cost the side dearly during Real Madrid Barcelona Live Stream.

Sitting down to watch el clasico online live stream free is one of life’s greatest pleasures for a football fan. Winning some cash on the game is always the icing on the cake. If we’re being brutally honest, our money is on Real Madrid this year. With Zinedine Zidane at the helm this year we’re expecting big things.

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