Two Ways to Pay at an Online Casino

Calling all online casino players! Are you aware of the many different payment options out there? Whilst it is still possible to pay by credit or debit card, there are now other methods. These alternative ways to deposit can be especially useful to mobile players. If you’re looking for a more reliable method or have security concerns, let us outline some of the best ways to pay.

Can I Use an E-Wallet at an Online Casino?

Yes, e-wallets are now accepted at many online casinos. You’ll see whether your preferred e-wallet is accepted by checking the banking section. Alternatively, you may see its icon displayed on the home page. Many players prefer to use e-wallets as they use secure encryption software which protects transactions. They are also a far easier and quicker way to deposit and withdraw funds.
Some of the e-wallets which are commonly accepted at online casinos are PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. Many of you may already have a PayPal account which you use for online purchases. Using it at an online casino is extremely similar. All you need to do is enter your PayPal details and then you can submit a deposit.
Skrill and NETeller are similar but offer an additional service. Both are owned by Paysafe Group. When you sign up to Skrill, you’ll have the option to request a free prepaid Visa card. NETeller offers a free prepaid MasterCard. These can be used at POS terminals and ATMs, allowing you to instantly withdraw your winnings in cash.

What other Online Casino Payment Methods are out There?

In addition to bank cards and e-wallets, many casinos accept Paysafe vouchers. You may also find that an online casino facilitates phone bill banking.
Paysafecard vouchers function much in the same way as Ukash did before it was taken off the market. You purchase the vouchers from a store and then enter the voucher code into the banking portal. Your account will then be credited to the value of the voucher. Paysafecard is perfect for players who don’t want their banking details and the internet to mix. The downside is that winnings often can’t be credited in Paysafecard.
Phone bill banking is a relatively new phenomenon. Using this method, you can place a deposit and charge it to your phone bill. You’ll know that this method is accepted as it will be displayed, however, you may also see ‘Boku’ advertised. This is the name of a facilitator that allows phone bill transactions to take place. The only drawback of using this method is that the deposit limit is usually very low. We’ve never seen an online casino allow more than a £30 deposit via phone bill banking.
We hope that we’ve convinced you by now that you have more deposit options than simply bank cards. Each of the methods that we’ve listed above has its pros and cons. However, many of them also offer considerably faster withdrawal processing times, increased security and convenience. Why not give one a go the next time that you visit an online casino?

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